Objectives of EDC To promote a zeal for Entrepreneurship among the student community at MCIM.  To equip students with requisite skills for effective organization of entrepreneurial business To set up an Incubation centre to train the lesser privileged sections in self employment. To inculcate a culture of innovation driven by entrepreneurial spirit through student participation.   EDC Company - EDC plans to start a company with three business divisions - Stationery store, a  food mart and a fashion accessory business. The company aims to cater to the needs of the student  community through these products and services. EDC activities for the academic year 2011 - 2012 1. Two day Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive in the month of August  2. Visit 3 NGO's to study social entrepreneurship initiatives  3. Intra Collegiate Business Plan Contest 4. Organize Entrepreneurship Seminars on Rural entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial competencies, Funding for new  ventures, Ideation and Incubation.  5. Proposed to conduct a Panel Discussion on Challenges faced by women entrepreneurs 6. Conducting Entrepreneurship Development Workshops for budding student entrepreneurs in Bangalore 7. Interact with Entrepreneurship Cells & Incubation Centers of other colleges to collaborate on new initiatives  8. Development of an incubation cell to assist starting of new ventures among the student community  9. Start Up Mentoring - Inviting start up entrepreneurs to mentor student businesses on campus 10. Providing internships for entrepreneurship students to gain a practical exposure to functional areas.